Extend Your Oculus Quest 2 Battery Life With Ease

Extend Quest 2 Battery Life

While the ​Oculus quest 2 is a virtual reality VR headset that’s making waves with its gaming capabilities, ​diehard gaming buffs often extend ​battery life to focus on longer missions and group game plays.

You’d wish, however, Facebook did something with the standard battery that comes with the original Quest.

​How long does the Quest 2 battery last?

The fully charged 3640mAh lithium-ion battery that comes with Facebook’s Oculus Quest 2 provides about two hours of battery life.

The charge can drain slower or faster depending on whether you’re browsing the web, enjoying a movie, the type of game you play, and settings you use.

​How long does it take for the Quest 2 to charge?

​It takes about 2 to 2.5 hours for the Oculus Quest 2 to go from a fully discharged state to a fully charged state when you use its included cables.

​Can you charge your Oculus Quest 2 while using it?

​Yes, you can do that. The problem is that you’re stuck in one place with your charging cable connected to a power supply.

There are better ways to keep your Quest 2 from dying.

​How do you make the Oculus 2 battery last longer?

You can do this by following tested ways to extend its life or using external accessories to increase battery life.

  1. Shut down the ​Oculus ​Quest completely after every gaming session.

The Oculus Quest 2 is designed to go into sleep mode when you take it off your head. There is also this power button that you can tap to enable sleep mode.

However, the lithium battery does not shut down completely and is likely to slowly drain and diminish battery life.

Shut off Quest 2 using the following process:

  • Locate the power switch/button on the headset’s right side.
  • Tap or hold the power button down until you see a prompt appear.
  • You are offered two options – restart or power off.
  • Select power off.
  • The standby mode is disabled as the indicator light that’s next to the power button goes off.
  • Confirm that the power switch is off by putting the headset on your head.
  • The display light will light up on complete auto when it is in standby mode.
  • It will not come on if the power supply is shut off completely.

2. Use the Quest 2 inbuilt power-saving capabilities by making a few changes to the settings.

  • Click And hold the Home button on your Oculus Quest.
  • A navigation menu comes up.
  • Click on the settings that appear at the right bottom of your screen.
  • Click on the device.
  • Scroll down until you reach the power settings. Select this.
  • Toggle auto wake headset off.
  • Set the auto sleep headset cycle to 15 seconds.
  • You can also adjust these power settings on your smartphone Oculus app.

3. Unlock the headset charger once it reaches maximum charge.

The Oculus Quest 2 battery loses its potential to hold a maximum charge when you leave it to charge even after it reaches 100 percent.

This is common with rechargeable lithium batteries, but there’s a simple solution that you can adopt.

  • Make sure you charge your headset to full capacity after every gaming session.
  • Look for the indicator light to switch from orange to green once it hits 100 percent.
  • Unplug the headset when this happens.
  • Ensure that the headset’s power supply is not on before you keep it back in the case.

4. Use the Oculus Link cable to connect to your computer.

​it’s not recommended that you charge ​the Oculus Quest 2 when you’re ​playing a game​.

However, you can use a link cable provided by Oculus that connects your headset to your personal computer and allows you to play PC VR games. It then draws power as well as data from the PC.

The advantage of this system is that once your headset is charged to 80%, it can easily work with high-density graphics found on your computer like in the Oculus Rift.

The only problem is that you are stuck to your computer, as you have a tethered connection that does not allow you to move around in your VR experience.

​Order The Oculus Elite Strap With Battery

Quest 2 Battery Kit

Quest 2 Battery Kit

These best practices should extend your battery life.

However, gaming buffs like to play VR games for extended periods of time.

Oculus offers you a light strap for this that combines with a battery pack. The light strap helps you avoid fatigue, while the battery life increases by around 2 1/2 hours.

This strap is more comfortable, as it counterbalances the weight on your head. It also provides 4 to 5 hours of gaming power.

​Play Longer Games

Get Your Quest 2 Battery Pack From The Oculus Store

​Choose VR Power 2 Battery Pack For 8 To 10 Hours Of Battery Life

VR Power 2 For Oculus Quest 2

VR Power 2 For Oculus Quest 2

You now have access to a solution that increases the Oculus Quest 2 battery life to about 10 hours.

​Rebuff Reality ​has designed a 10,000 mAh battery that is compatible with the standard strap that comes with your Oculus Quest 2 as well as the ​Elite battery strap and the ​Elite strap offered as Oculus accessories.

The VR ​Power 2 battery pack is positioned at the back of your head to act as an effective counterweight.

It does not add much weight to the new lightweight Quest 2, so you can have your gaming battles with friends or groups located anywhere in the world.

​ Play 10 Hours

​​ VR 2 Battery Pack – Specially Designed For Quest 2

​The Oculus Quest 2 is ready to take off in a big way, and you now have more than one way to increase its battery life. Enjoy more games now with your mobile VR headset.


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