30 Top Virtual Reality Social Platforms That Will Surprise You With Features That Companies Will Pay To Have!

VR social platforms

Finding examples of VR social platforms is not that hard. But, finding the best ones is a different story. It’s an industry that’s still in its infancy, but there are a lot of companies that are experimenting with it.

One of the more popular platforms out there is an app called CyberLife. It’s a social network that offers a range of different avatars. Each one is customizable and can be used to communicate with others.

Since it’s an app that exists in the virtual reality realm, it has a ton of potential. It’s an interesting example of how virtual reality can affect the way we interact with the world. Stay relevant.

30 Must-Try VR Social Platforms


Like Facebook, which lets you easily create a timeline for only yourself so that you can post pictures and updates about your life in one convenient place and share it with people.

Hubs is a VR social platform on the Microsoft Mixed Reality and Windows 10 universe that allows you to easily create web-based rooms to meet with others within Mixed Reality.

Create a room with a single click, and then just share the link with someone.

Facebook Spaces

The social media company’s virtual reality (VR) application allows users to interact in a virtual environment as if they were in the same room.

This technology-enabled software is useful for businesses who want to increase customer engagement, while also encouraging relationships with new clients and prospects like never before.

The Wild

The Wild is a new app that has been created to address many issues faced by all sorts of industries.

The Wild has become rather popular in the past few months because of this revolutionary take on virtual reality, but it differs from the rest because it’s designed to have applications for many different types of industries.

This app enables better management and better decision-making skills that don’t require you to be face-to-face with people at the same time. Have an idea?

Shoot your colleague an email without actually having to talk over the phone!

We know that companies like to communicate via email and through documents nowadays so The Wild will enable them to do so without stressing out about it being too costly or time-consuming.


AltspaceVR is currently the leading social platform for virtual reality. You can not only meet people from across the world but you can also play games with them, draw artwork together, watch movies, and even attend free live events in VR for the first time ever!


Yulio builds software for the use of VR technology in the world of business.

Businesses are able to easily create and run immersive, full-feature presentations that help them stay on the cutting edge and provides them an affordable way to share their products and services.

The presentations are available anywhere through any device as Yulio’s unique cloud infrastructure allows updates without having to download or install new software.


Cluster is an easy-to-use virtual room service that anyone can create.

It can be used in a number of ways, but one popular way to use Cluster is to gather like-minded people who then host events and meetings with “interacting scenarios.”


MeetinVR has emerged as a leading force in the field of enterprise VR collaboration.

Offering effective and reimbursable solutions for businesses looking to improve the quality and effectiveness of their remote business meetings by offering clients a new VR-based universe with their own rules, designs, and spaces that are customized to meet their specific requirements.


Breakroom is the next evolution in how teams work.

With Breakroom, people get a much-needed break to energize themselves because a lot of communication and interaction happens via the digital world which can be kind of consuming all at once.

Imagine if you could take a break from the typical 2D videos and connect with other people rather than just watching them, an entirely new experience in the world where you’re not physically present.

The idea of creating your own virtual reality can sound like science fiction today but it IS real.

So in Breakroom, when you talk to others, know that they’re actually there with you – present and accounted for…without having to leave your location!

The new Breakroom platform is packed full of powerful features for collaboration and communication as well as intelligence gathering about your customers, colleagues, and partners.


MootUp is a virtual meeting and event platform that provides a cross-device environment accessible anytime, anywhere.

Rather than downloading software on their devices, participants can engage in MootUp events through a web browser or by logging directly onto the MootUp app on PC or Mac.

Completely secure and featuring real-time chat, teleconferencing, text messaging, video conferencing, document sharing, whiteboarding, surveys and polls with moderation tools, 3D avatars, and animations for crowd engagement capabilities such as applause buttons and conversation bubbles.

Moreover, MootUp is the most versatile platform available to organizations of any size!


For anyone who loves video games and hates playing them alone, VRChat is the ultimate virtual reality experience.

The developers of this virtual world want everyone to have an enjoyable gaming experience so they created it in a way that made it very easy for anyone to make their own characters, avatars, or personas.

Players also do not need a high-end computer to play VRChat as it is compatible with almost every device which runs on iOS or Android.

This virtual world can be explored either by yourself if you’re feeling shy about meeting new people in real life (IRL), with one friend at a time, or in group gatherings where everyone can talk and play video games with each other, similar to LAN parties.


Party.Space creators describe their platform as a customizable 3D virtual reality space for hosting events.

In just one browser tab, a client can host a fully immersive and interactive event on the Party.Space platform.

A number of options exist to give players control over how they create their events, including using an extensive library of customizable objects or importing their own art into the system.

Their target market is any large company or institution with delegates to accommodate, whether that’s Wargaming, Gamepedia, Grammarly, Scania or BPTN (Black Professionals in Tech Network).


VR is a huge buzzword, but the technology is trivialized. By the time you have read this sentence, nearly 100 people have experienced virtual reality and seriously begun to consider it as an important feature of their lives.

The potential for virtual and augmented reality seems limitless.

But at InsiteVR we believe that great potential should not be squandered and so we create software applications that help companies apply these new technologies in creative ways.


Virbela is a simulation and game-building platform that allows people to interact online in collaborative spaces such as a virtual office or boardroom.

The Virbela team has worked diligently to create an easy-to-use and efficient tool that makes it suitable for companies and individuals who want to design everything from a blueprint of the office space they use regularly, to how they want their monthly meetings to take place.

They are based in San Francisco, California but have clients in every state across America.


An interactive virtual reality platform that lets you hold meetings, interact and collaborate with others inside of meetings and conferences.

Conduct meetings, discussions, presentations, and more in a fully immersive environment so outside distractions don’t interfere with what’s at hand.

Collaborate with other businesses via a unique Virtual Reality conference platform that your business can customize to fit all of your needs.

Connect on a one-to-one basis or host multi-user or even multi-company meetings & events in real-time in an immersive environment where both presenters and attendees can meet for discussion or collaborative projects to come about.

Exxar CAD

Exxar CAD is a cutting-edge software designed for 3D CAD data visualization. It is designed as an intuitive solution for all drafting, drawing, and professional illustration needs.

Exxar Drafting offers an enhanced palette of drawing tools, along with support for multiple open windows with precise scaling and position control, layer-based organization, and detailing elements such as hatching and isometric perspectives.

Exxar CAD connects to existing 3D CAD applications like SOLIDWORKS, Catia, “streams”, Navisworks, Creo, Aveva Review, Solid Edge, Siemens NX, and Aveva Marine lossless 3D CAD data into Exxar’s Review application.


Agora is building interactive conferences, career fairs, art galleries, and much more.

By enabling community building in 3D, they are bringing the added dimension of depth to how we experience the internet.

The Agora tool is easy to use, even if you’re not a programmer who can build these interactive elements yourself.

It’s not just for making realistic spaces either – new tools have also enabled them to create digital environments that turn 2D spaces into fully immersive worlds.

With a no-code solution like this one why not start building VR worlds for communities or companies today?


Hoppin is more than just a VR app. It’s your chance to visit new places and feel like you’re there without leaving the comfort of your own home.

This VR social platform promises a whole new world of possibilities, especially as partnerships are signed with event creators around the world!

Hoppin’ is a social VR platform that specializes in letting you teleport your mind to anywhere in the world.

You can create or join an experience with other users, hanging out and relaxing together on 360 video loops such as watching fireworks over Rome, or standing on a balcony of a Spanish castle!

The app is available for all Android headsets and for free using your Oculus Go headset!


Arthur is a collaboration software that allows you to work with people in virtual reality. You can communicate and stay productive from wherever you are.

It works like a physical office where an infinite number of meetings can be scheduled for later, so it has the same flexibility and accessibility as an actual office space.

As a company, you will get end-to-end support from Arthur so that you don’t have to experience any difficulties when working within the VR platform.


Spatial is an innovative virtual reality network in which users from all over the world will be able to share their creative ideas as well as collaborate within a social network while working together no matter where they are.

Popularly called ‘the VR Collaboration Platform’ Spatial is an immersive communication performance tool that enables two people to communicate and share simultaneously in the same virtual space.


The Lifelike platform provides broadcasters with a way to stream virtual reality and interactive VR content under their own brand.

Either without or with a VR headset. LiveLike provides a white label platform for broadcasting and can be used to stream regular or interactive video content.


Glue is a virtual germ that builds your workplace’s immune system to collaborate better and increase productivity.

Glue is like a virtual extension of your workplace where dispersed teams can come together to learn, share, plan and create. It’s like a digital mentor for business.


Immersed is a revolutionary device that enables distributed teams to behave as if they were all in the same office in person.

It provides a better way for dispersed employees to have in-person productivity by immersing them in a virtual world workplace.


Being in an office can help people get a lot of things done faster. This is because the office offers them many amenities such as meeting rooms and even printers!

Meetingroom.IO is a VR social platform that helps you stay connected to your clients, no matter where you are.

As a business, you’re constantly working with others to brainstorm and make decisions about what your product does, how it works, and how it will look.

This can all be done more effectively with the help of Meeting Room’s virtual reality meeting rooms.


Bigscreen is a VR company, building one of the most popular virtual reality software platforms in the world. Its software helps you relax, create, and connect with coworkers in VR!

The company has developed an immersive movie theater experience where friendly avatars chat amongst each other when watching a show.

You can also use our platform to hold real-time meetings with your coworkers in VR or virtually attend meetings held elsewhere.

Telia VR Conference

Telia VR Conference is a video conference solution for the use of VR headsets and other media.

Thanks to Telia’s new VR Conference solution, you and your team will be able to share a visualization of a real location abroad- made especially for the event.

You can walk around a planned room, install and test 3D objects, and even share them with someone not physically present at the event- but only if they also have a smartphone or tablet that supports at least one UN broadcasting format (such as RTSP/RTMP.)

Obviously, in order for everyone to watch this collaboratively – you will all need VIVE, OCULUS, or similar hardware!

Linden Lab

Linden Lab is a company that works with virtual reality technology and creates virtual experiences for the everyday person to enjoy and participate in. Their platforms assist developers in creating virtual reality experiences.


Cavrnus is the most robust and comprehensive enterprise XR collaboration platform available on the market today, specifically designed to enable seamless integration with all popular CAD formats, compatibility with existing fabrication and project management processes, and features necessary to seamlessly integrate LBS and HWD while also demonstrating key components of both.

Whether it’s engineering a new product or post-launch support, we have you covered with our robust suite of training modules and collaboration features that are sure to take your team’s remote operations, planning, and decision-making skills to the next level.


Masterpiece Studio is a professional desktop application that offers a suite of immersive creative solutions aimed at professionals.

Here, you can access a suite of 3D content creation products for virtual reality, tools for rapid ideation and creation, real-time collaboration, file sharing, and more.

Masterpiece Studio is an integrated design application built on the Unreal Engine Platform.


JanusWeb helps you to connect to the metaverse in a way that enables you to then explore and chat across all of your devices.

Whether on a desktop, phone, or tablet, JanusWeb runs on most modern web browsers, so that whether you’re working or surfing the web, you can still enter the metaverse whenever you want!

JanusWeb is like a spider sitting in the center of the web, able to reach out with its multiple appendages in many different directions all at once.

With JanusWeb running on most modern web browsers including desktops, phones, and tablets you can easily go from device to device as if it were one connected experience!


Kokomo is the latest entry into the select group of VR social platforms. Canon aims to improve on existing technology with the launch of a new platform called Kokomo.

The Kokomo platform aims to revolutionize the way that people use video calling by creating an experience that gives them more freedom and variety in how they interact with other people in their calls.

This platform utilizes Canon’s cameras to create an experience where it’s closer to conversing in person – because this is a way of communication that most people are looking for even though many don’t think about it!

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