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Whether it’s survival in the wilderness…

Getting your bug out bag ready for emergencies…

Creating your own survival island with virtual reality (VR)…

OR surviving in this era of artificial intelligence (AI)…

These blog posts help achieve “survival of the fittest” status.


Get your survival gear and emergency preparedness kit.

Prepare your survival island. Stock survival food and learn survival skills.

Use virtual reality to create your own virtual world to overcome survival horror

Attain “survival of the fittest” status by using artificial intelligence (AI) to boost security and automate tasks

Emergency preparedness


Prepare for emergencies at home and outside

bug out bag

Bug Out

Emergency kit to fill the survivalist bugout bag

augmented reality vs virtual reality vs mixed reality


Virtual reality can help live the SOHO lifestyle.

Survival of the fittest AI


Use AI to predict and prepare for emergencies


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