31 Trending iOS and Android Augmented Reality Apps For 2021 & Beyond

Apps With AR Technology

The best apps for augmented reality meet your exact requirements of design, application, and experience, whether you download them from the Google Store or iOS App Store.

If you liked YouCam Makeup, Amikasa, Wanna Kicks, and GIPHY World, then you’ll want apps that specifically meet your shopping, designing, and artistic needs.

Here are some of the best apps you can find, whether you’re a teacher, artist, interior decorator, business or shopping enthusiast.

Augmented Reality Art App

AR Art App

AR Art App

Use your imagination and creativity to create art and design with easy-to-use Android and iOS apps. Some of the best apps are available to design prototypes. Use illuminated or traditional paint brushes to create masterpieces in much lesser time than you probably did to complete on canvas.

Deluxe Visualizer

With more than 1 million downloads, Android users will love this app, as it allows them to visualize painting ideas on walls created with the help of augmented reality. The color palettes are available instantly, and you can pick any inspirational color that you like.


iOS users can have a lot of fun with uMake, as they enter into the air mode that allows them to customize their models with preloaded elements. For example, you can customize the skin texture, wings, claws, and fangs of a dragon.

Light Space

Live painting just got easier with Light Space where you can use different kinds of brushes like Spark, Glow, and Flame to create your painting. The app allows you to record the painting process and then click a snap of your final output.

Augmented Reality Education App

AR Education App

AR Education App

Teachers have found imaginative ways to impart education with the help of AR education apps. Great thought has gone into creating apps that help users explore the world with interactive AR experiences. Some of these popular education apps include:

Experience Real History

Students use reality cards and boards to gather unique insights into historical personalities and events. They can learn more about how two characters from different eras interacted by viewing two cards with these characters within the app.


Teachers tap their creativity to design new assignments for kids with this useful education AR app. The AR experience is generated by placing virtual 3D models in the real world. This app can be used at any level, as it can create visual treats with a little bit of imagination.


This is another popular education app that allows users to turn themselves into creators that develop storyboard experiences. Teachers use Metaverse to create quizzes, hunts, and other useful AR experiences based on a story line that has the capability to make the finished AR experience go viral.

Augmented Reality Game App

AR Gaming App

AR Gaming App

Interactive games can come to life when augmented reality is used in an out-of-the-box AR game like Pokemon Go. It’s time to check out other games that you can try out for that ultimate AR experience.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

If you thought the movie was a whole new magical experience, then you’ll simply love this AR game where you can chant spells while you explore real-life locations that are hidden from plain view. Discover some ferocious beasts and ancient artifacts as you progress through the game.

The Machines

Take your pick of machines and turn a level platform into your battleground where you fight battles and face challenges from other players. Grow your empire by capturing towers and engage in battles with multiple players from any part of the world by going online with your battles.

AR Dragon

This brings back nostalgic memories of old games like Tamagotchi and Nintendo where you use an interactive pet simulator to nurture little dragons. Move on from one level to another, as you unlock new levels offering power items, toys, and food. Watch your little dragons grow stronger and progress at great speed.

Augmented Reality App For Interior Design

Businesses and users both love these interior design apps, as you don’t need a professional studio to create a real-life replica of how your room looks after the interior designing process.

You can visualize and design your room using 3D, AR, and VR apps. Businesses have made it possible for you to design your room online, upload your finished design, and then shop for your requirements with confidence.

Some of the best AR apps for interior design include:


This is one of the best apps for creating, building, decorating, and remodeling your designs the way you like it. Enable View in My Room 3D mode and choose any of the 10 million products available to move around, scan, and share your designs.


Visualize any design with this free app. For example, you can choose furniture that you like from Amazon, IKEA, Target, and other stores and place them into the app. You can then switch between different styles, fabrics, colors, and patterns creating your design with AR Ruler that produces the exact dimensions that you require.

IKEA Place

This is one of the most versatile apps created by IKEA after the release of their ARKit app, as you can now virtually place any furniture element that you choose from the store directly into your chosen environment.

The 3D images that are created are highly accurate and are very close to real-life experiences. You can virtually fit these elements in your room and then share it with your family and friends through social media.

Augmented Reality Measuring App

You can use augmented reality to measure items kept in your room in the real world. Focus your mobile camera at a specific area, and you can measure the exact dimensions of items within like sofa, table, and shelves.

ER Ruler App

Google has released the AR Ruler app using augmented reality technology that turns your mobile camera into a tape measurement tool. This is a paid app that costs $90 per year, which offers you tons of options that you can use to measure different kinds of surfaces.


Use the AirMeasure app to instantly measure the dimensions of your couch, walls, bed, or doors in your room. This is like a virtual tape with 18 different measuring tools for you to choose from.

Create designs and plans for your walls at home or measure the street you’re walking on with just a click on our mobile camera.

My Measures

This app helps you to rotate any design with the help of text components, arrows, and other options. It uses your smartphone’s camera along with different measuring units such as Japanese, Imperial, and Metric units.  You can download your files from cloud-based apps like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Augmented Reality Animals App

Now, you can put a virtual 3D animal that you found on Google Search directly onto a real-world environment like your home using AR technology. All you need is an app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile to achieve this.

Safari  Central

This is a wildlife AR app that is available for both Android and iOS devices. Go on Safari inside your home using unlocked animals that you found on this free app. Then watch these animals make some fancy moves in your AR-activated environment. Click some photographs and share them with your family and friends on social media platforms.

Animal Safari AR

This is a 3D learning app that you find on the Apple Store. It allows you to see how virtual animals would look in your backyard or living room using augmented reality. This app allows you to take videos and pictures of animals that make unique sounds, move, and respond in the real world.

You can use this app to resize, rotate, and move animals using familiar touch gestures. You can even feed and watch these animals take in their favorite foods.

AR 3D Animals

Google offers this app on its Google Play store with 39 animals and 48 different kinds of fishes turned into animated objects. Convert your home into a zoo with all your favorite animals finding their place at the spot you choose for them. Then take a picture and surprise your friends with this picture attached to a post.

Augmented Reality Landscaping App

AR Landscaping App

AR Landscaping App

Home decorating apps like AR Home Flooring are extremely popular, but designers also found the need to develop an app to create landscapes around the home or any property.

This gave rise to a Near Landscape mode that allows you to create landscapes and visualize them before you actually create them in the real world.

AR Landscaper App

You can now transform your yard into a landscape of your choice by repositioning plants, decor items, and trees in a different order. The finished AR view gives you a clear idea of how your new-look yard would look in real life.

You can order per-visualized products with a clear idea of where to place them in the final design.


Pool designers and landscapers will appreciate this 3D swimming pool and landscape design software released by Structure Studios.

Designers can now show their clients what a futuristic living space would look like in 3D. Sketch your concepts in 3D and store them on your iPad for later use. Combine all these elements using YARD to address design issues that take place in real life.


Whether you are an industry pro or a DIY homeowner, this app is ideal to design your outdoor living area. The main idea of developing this app was to help users create a design that allows them to place different elements within a fixed area and then order the elements they prefer at their convenience.

This saves time and money, as you now have a clear concept of the final design. The iSCAPE app has been featured on HBO, Forbes, and The New York Times and is one of the most popular landscape business schools currently available in the market.

Augmented Reality Emoji App

AR Emoji App

AR Emoji App

Using the augmented reality emoji app, you can create an animated version of yourself and record your facial expressions and movements using input features provided by the app. There are different camera modes that you can set up and then download and send across to anyone you want.


Create an emoji using Apple’s new iPhone feature that allows you to create a replica that looks exactly like you by making use of different categories of eyes, hairstyles, and head shapes. You can then surprise your family and friends with this animated emoji.

AR Emoji 3D

Create a happy time for yourself using 3D animation and Free Chat with Emoji provided with the AR Emoji 3D. Choose from hundreds of hilarious animations, cute little animals, animated smileys, and crazy emoticons that duplicate your movements and facial expressions to create a GIF.

You can send messages to your family and friends directly from the app along with this hilarious animated emoji.


This is an AR emoji camera recorder that creates avatar videos of your face in 3D. Personalize and customize the way your face looks and record the completed AR emoji in any pose. This app allows you to customize eyes, skin, hair, face, and lips in different colors, styles, and shapes.

Augmented Reality Clothing App

AR retail experiences have come to stay, and all the clothing majors have created virtual fitting room apps that customers can use to try on different clothing. You have a better understanding of how different textures and colors appear on you.


Customers can try on Gap clothes on the DressingRoom digital mannequin using a Google Tango-enabled device. Determine how the mannequin appears with the garment on by changing the body type and moving the avatar in different directions showing how the garment looks from different angles.


This is a web and mobile app developed by Reactive Reality, an augmented reality company that specializes in virtual clothes fitting technology for e-commerce platforms.

Consumers are able to create personalized avatars with different measurements and appearances. They can browse through fashion clothing at different retail outlets and try them in a virtual dressing room, experimenting with virtual backgrounds, measurements, and size of the avatar.

Virtual Catwalk

This is a new augmented reality feature on the Asos app that allows users to view products in a unique way where they can activate the app on their smartphone camera and view models wearing clothes as they catwalk in front of them.

This is a novel way of bringing mobile shopping into a user’s chosen physical space.

Augmented Reality Real Estate App

Imagine an app that allows you to view the indoors and outdoors of a real estate property that you are interested in. Realtors can now offer you a cost-effective location-based service that saves you time and helps you make an informed decision about the property you are interested in.


This is a virtual platform used by enterprises to turn dull buildings into intelligent environments. Users can now completely reconstruct a building with changed dimensions and 3D visualizations. Gather real-time analytics using ML and AI technologies of building-wide operations, devices, and equipment.


Use simple photos to generate complete floor plans with this app. The realtor uses MagicPlan to create a complete floor plan by capturing images of the property on a tablet camera or smartphone making use of reference points like doors, ceilings, walls, and floors.

A complete picture of how the property would look like to a future buyer is created giving a better idea of how space can be occupied to meet specific needs.


Create life-like walkthroughs with two-dimensional and three-dimensional floor plans before the real estate property is fully furnished. Realtors enable creative digital experiences that are realistic enough for potential buyers to avoid travel.

Amazon Augmented Reality 4+ App

It is now possible to shop at Amazon using its inbuilt augmented reality app called the Amazon AR Player. You can download this app to your iPhone or iPad to create shareable and interactive augmented reality experiences by just pointing your iPhone or iPad at a QR code within the Amazon box that you choose.

You can then reuse these Amazon boxes to create new illusions of digital assets as you try them in a physical environment. Amazon also allows you to track facial movements when your mobile device supports TrueDepth technology.

All these apps are built to fulfill specific purposes, and you can tap the utilities and options within them to literally create magical AR experiences that are interactive, have great visual appeal, and engage the viewer.


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