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AR Showroom

The idea of personal shopping seems like a lot of fun, but the whole experience itself can be tedious, boring, and even overwhelming at times. It’s time to introduce the AR showroom of the 21st century that empowers the customer with the latest technologies and creates a whole new shopping experience.

Whether you’re looking for a new lipstick shade or want to change the color of your hair, The AR showroom app on your mobile phone will allow you to try hundreds of shades in double-quick time without any obligation to add them to your shopping cart.

​Just a few clicks to choose your favorite color and then try it on yourself. Get a feel of how it looks in real life.

​Get Personalized Skin Care Advice On Your Mobile

​Imagine an app that performs a complete skin analysis based on your photograph, providing complete details on how you fare with lines and wrinkles and whether your skin has the right tone. Set yourself into selfie mode to come up with a tailor-made skin-care routine based on your skin’s unique needs. This tool analysis ​includes the different types of folds, wrinkles, and aging lines ​that appear on the face.

The firmness of your skin, pore quality, and radiance are all measured. This is your personal report and only you have access to it.

​Use The AR Showroom To Remove Blemishes With Makeup

​Fatigue and hours in the office can create blemishes in your appearance.

Now it’s possible to see how fresh you would look with long-lasting makeup applied in a virtual try-on situation at home.

Just apply the foundation in a virtual reality showroom. Then watch the augmented reality technology go to work, as you can now shift positions and see how the foundation works from different angles.

​Get A Personalized Hair Diagnosis

​What if you could answer a few questions about your hair, then get a customized hair-care routine ​on your mobile? Enter a few details about your hair texture, whether it’s straight, wavy, or curly. Click on fine, normal, or thick hair next. The color of your hair and how you groom comes next. That’s it. You’ll see your hair-care goal appear on your mobile’s display. Want to modify it? ​Try again, this time with some changed inputs. This AR showroom has everything you need for personal shopping. It’s just like how you would interact at a professional shopping outlet.

​How ​Augmented Reality Helps You Buy Products Online

​Some of the biggest brands in the world have implemented virtual try-ons that allow mobile users to try out different products virtually on their mobiles. The advantage of this is you get professional advice from the world’s most famous beauticians and you get to try on different products creating a real-life image of how you would look with the recommended changes. Then all it takes is a click on the brand’s link that takes ​you to their online store from where you can get your chosen item delivered to you anywhere in the world. Augmented reality takes personal shopping to a whole new level, and before you know it, every online store will be using its power.

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