Best Sat Nav For Caravans | 5 Sat Navs Designed Especially For Motor Homes And Caravans

Sat Nav For Caravan

One of the most important factors for choosing the best SatNav for a caravan is whether it can take you safely from one place to another. If it can, it deservedly ranks among the top sat navs for caravans.

This blog takes into account every aspect of choosing the right sat nav for your caravan, including the different driving conditions and terrains you may encounter.

Leading the pack for the best caravan sat nav is:

Garmin RV 1090

RV1090 by Garmin

Image Courtesy by Garmin

This versatile sat nav is designed by Garmin specifically for motor homes and caravans. Equipped with a 10-inch RV GPS navigator, this sat nav can take you to any destination by offering easy and clear instructions for every turn.

This navigator is not affected by weather, and you have a large screen that makes it easy for you to gather instructions from a distance.

You save time and incur lower fuel costs because of the efficiency with which the navigator takes you to your destination.

This is made possible by automatic recordings of the surroundings to chart out the safest and shortest route possible.

The Garmin RV 1090 is compatible with all sorts of mobile phones, which also allows you to upload and share your routes and other GPX files.

Suggested Retail Price (SRP): $699.99

Tom Tom Go Camper

TomTom Go

Image Courtesy by TomTom

Especially designed for campers and caravans, the Tom Tom Go Camper includes world map updates that you can download via Wi-Fi and a built-in SIM that alerts you when traffic congestion increases and also indicates speed camera alerts.

The Go Camper has an adhesive disc, car charger, and magnetic mount designed for caravans.

Your interests are recorded, and this Tom Tom sat nav is guaranteed to take you over scenic roads that will keep you happy all through your drive.

Another major advantage is that you can use the same sat nav in your car, camper, or caravan by simply changing the profile and planning routes for your chosen vehicle.

You’ll find hundreds of predetermined travel routes shared by the caravan community.

SRP: $399.99

Avtex Tourer Two

Tourer Two by Avtex

Image Courtesy by Avtex

The Avtex Tourer Two is another sat nav designed for motor homes and caravans. Choose your favorite campsite from a host of information preloaded into the sat nave Including European maps and live traffic updates.

This navigation system works well on land, water, and all the popular campsites.

The Tourer Two selects the ideal route for you, so you arrive at the destination of your choice in time avoiding roads that have restrictions on the height, weight, and width of your vehicle.

You’ll get detailed information about the amenities, prices, and other facilities available on the campsite you choose. Drive hands-free with voice-activated navigation, Bluetooth, and smart notifications.

This cat nav has a list of 17,000 customer-rated campgrounds spread across 38 countries. You’ll get alerts about steep gradients and safety cameras along the way.

SRP: $483

Aguri RV740 DVR Deluxe

Aguri Caravan RV70

Image Courtesy by Aguri

This latest sat nav released by Aguri was featured in the Camping and Caravanning Club Magazine.

The RV740 DVR Deluxe has over 30,000 preloaded campsites and useful motorhome stopovers that make your journey enjoyable and comfortable.

All you have to do is enter the weight and dimensions of your vehicle the first time you open the RV 740 from the box.

This sat nav will then go to work and chart out the safest route that avoids hazards like low bridges and narrow roads.

You’ll get clear views on its 7-inch LCD display even if you’re off-axis. This long-lasting Aguri sat nav provides speed trap and wireless map updates for as long as you wish.

You also get a deluxe travel bag, shock-resistant protective case, and a magnetic mounting system with your RV740 deluxe.

SRP:  $456

Ventura SC5900 DVR G2

Snooper Ventura SC5900

Image Courtesy by Snooper

Developed to calculate safer routes for motor homes and caravans, the Ventura SC5900 DVR G2 navigation system comes with a high-density dash cam and GPS capability.

You get live traffic updates and information of over 31,000 campsites located across 31 countries.

You’ll get an in-vehicle charger with this sat nav, which is also equipped with an 8GB microSD card compatible with DVR and mapping. Carry your SC5900 safely in a soft carry case.

Besides getting free lifetime map updates, you’ll also have a sat nav that automatically calculates safer routes based on your caravan’s length, height, weight, and width.

SRP: $349.99

Is it possible to get Google Maps for caravans?

Google Maps is free, but it has the capability to serve as a main sat nav app. On the other hand, you get dedicated navigation systems designed for caravans when you choose any of the top sat navs for caravans.

Of course, you can always use Google Maps on your mobile phone for its mapping features.

Does GPS work without Internet?

Yes, GPS can work without an Internet service on both Android and iOS phones. This is because GPS uses the radio to get a direct fix on your mobile phone from the satellite instead of your data service.

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