50 Leading Augmented Reality Service Providers

AR-VR-XR developer solutions

Since 2018, the world’s leading technology businesses have had eyes on augmented reality (AR) and showed tremendous interest in its capability.

They have backed this interest with investment. It’s no longer hype. We’ve seen a major reshuffle in the reality market with AR.

Incumbents in the field are moving in with big plays of their own. AR business applications are anticipated to grow in terms of conferencing, operator support, and data visualization.

AR transforms the way you play, work, shop, connect, and learn with the physical world around you. Visualize things in a way that makes it possible to see what was earlier impractical and impossible.

Below are 50 augmented reality companies positioned to grow exponentially in the near term.


Microsoft marked its entry into AR with the release of Hololens in 2015. Though the price limited its acceptance in the consumer market during that period, the company found success with AR technology.

Microsoft’s Hololens 2, its new mixed-reality device packed with solutions and apps to promote collaboration can help any company collaborate with purpose.

HoloLens 2 allows you to work smarter with the best-mixed reality experience. Get major benefits From AI and cloud services like scalability, reliability, and security.

Build applications with Azure mixed reality services, Dynamics 365, and advanced solutions from Microsoft’s industry partners.


Apple has pursued augmented reality with great zest under the leadership of Tim Cook.

The latest iPhone 12 Pro Max runs on the powerful, AR-friendly A14 bionic chip. The company has built up a growing list of AR associates with acquisitions.

Apple launched its Motion Capture on iPad Pro with LiDAR Scanner to provide AR information to physical therapists and their patients.

Homeowners can visualize outdoor landscape design ideas with iScape.

The TrueDepth camera on iPhone allows you to see how you look in a pair of glasses before you buy them. Capture spectacular shots and record them on your DSLR camera.

Play games om Apple Arcade. Use the LiDAR Scanner to play the Hot Lava game with AR. Check how the latest furniture will look in your home with IKE A Place.


CemetrexLabs is a 10+-year-old creative technology lab headquartered in Brooklyn, New York with over 200+ clients and 400+ successful projects.

They provide custom digital experiences through innovative engineering services, user experience design, and mobile and web development.

Their team of over 100 developers and designers provides web development, design & UI/UX, AR/VR, enterprise applications, and mobile app development services and develops custom software applications for global companies like Dropbox, HBOmax, Live Nation, and Modelo.

Some CemtrexLabs solutions include HBO Max’s Charm City Kings movie hype with AR, Richemont’s Maisons AR experience, and a new digital marketing strategy for AARP.


NEXT/NOW is a digital experiential marketing and technology agency based in Chicago that specializes in AR, virtual reality (VR), LED motion and gesture control, projection mapping, and 360 video.

The company designs art and science visual experiences with exciting moments of connection for brands and agencies.

NEXT/NOW has a human team of 40 members including exhibit specialists, brand architects, video game developers, computer scientists, animators, 3D specialists, producers, and designers.

Some of their projects include a 3D online training demo for Labelmaster, an immersive online tour for Bucknell University, and web AR experiences for Morton Salt.


4Experience is a leading application developer with its core competency being AR/VR reality development. The company has a team of 35 experts consisting of 3D artists, software experts, and engineers that offer high-quality software development services and solutions on varied devices and platforms.

Team members improve the AR/VR content development process in each of the various experiences. 4Experience manages projects for worldwide customers using modern tools and creative elements. One of their main projects includes Unity 3D single and multi-player games development.


Iflexion is a 20-year-old software and IT services company with more than 850 software professionals delivering solutions using proven technology expertise, methodologies, and business domain knowledge.

The company has over 500 customers including Fortune 500 enterprises and startups. It fulfills the software solution need of a business to streamline business operations, establish communication channels, and generate revenue streams.

Clients are spread across 30+ countries including Adidas, Philips Toyota, Xerox, KPMG, PayPal, eBay, and Expedia. Iflexion has a team of PHP-certified developers on board for hire. They have over 130 successful PHP dev projects under their belt.


Nomtek is a 2009 established Polish digital product development agency with mobile development skills to develop apps, IoT, and AR/XR solutions.

Clutch, Appfutura, and GoodFirms rate it as one of the top mobile apps and augmented reality development companies.

The company has its workshops and product design, QA testing, and development capabilities under one roof. Nomtek understands customer needs, turns ideas into features, and chooses the best ones for their business outcomes.

It gathers feedback on user behavior and tests the project before its release cycle. Their portfolio of clients includes HyperLooptt, Ricardo, GetFit21, and Lighticians.


Yord Studio is a creative augmented and virtual reality studio based in Prague that provides VR, AR, XR solutions, virtual showrooms and AR Filters services to worldwide government and enterprise clients.

Spark AR Studio experts say YORD creates unique AR filters for NGOs and brands.

Forbes believes Yord is a leading global VR & AR studio, while Clutch recognized the company as a top B2B VR/AR development studio.

Founded in 2019 with 10+ employees, the company portfolio includes an electromobility solution for Skoda, an in-store AR screen for Rizlly, and a virtual fashion show experience for Bibloo.

VR Vision

VR Vision Inc. is a VR and augmented reality development company in Toronto. They offer enterprise VR training solutions to some top world brands.

They empower your business with immersive technology solutions and are at the forefront of providing the complete range of turnkey VR & AR solutions.

VR Vision is a hardware seller and integrates with business with partner solutions. The company has provided VR & AR enterprise training to Toyota, Avangrid, and Tesla.

Groove Jones

Groove Jones is a digital agency that specializes in VR, AR, and web applications for marketing and advertising.

Founded in 2015, this team of 10+ talented developers create desktop, mobile, and touch display development apps, 3D & VFX interactive, and commercial solutions, and live-action commercial productions.

Groove Jones licenses its proprietary Groove Tech to partners. Some of its latest work includes AR and WebGL for IBM’s THINK event and a mobile tour of the Raypak AVIA pool heater installation.

Bit Space Development Ltd.

Bit Space Development Ltd. is a Canadian interactive digital media company based in Winnipeg that offers interactive innovation solutions to businesses.

The company specializes in developing learning experiences for worldwide industry professionals and educators to use in their workplace and classroom.

Bit Space Development Ltd uses digital media technologies to provide custom software development and IT strategy consulting services. The company has worked with Vive, Microsoft Partner Network, Pico, Kohler, and others.


Chocolate Milk & Donuts is a full-service VR production studio founded in 2016. Based in Austin, Texas, the team of creatives, producers, and developers offer AR/VR development and 360 video production services.

CM&D uses interactive storytelling, immersive development, and engagement on VR headsets and smartphones. The company has helped brands like Pepsi, Total, Lloyds Bank, and Juncos share their stories with VR content.

Live Animations

Live Animations is a VR/AR company founded in 2014 that offers innovative AR marketing solutions for family and children’s brands.

The company provides immersive loyalty solutions covering kids’ collectible promotions, AR/VR/MR development, loyalty promotions for FMCG, and creative concept development.

Live Animations has completed 60 projects for clients spanning 54 countries. DesignRush rated the company #1 in AR & VR worldwide for 2020. Cases include Singing Farm, Christmas Dreams, Cinderella and the Three Little Pigs, and Kazka VR.


Treeview.studio is an immersive technology development studio involved in AR/VR/MR software.

Founded in 2016, they have offices in Montevideo and Uruguay. The company specializes in AR/VR Full Stack Development using ReactJS and Google Firebase; and large-scale project management including software management, CTO consultancy, and product decisions.

The latest projects include the University of Alberta and XR Made Simple.

ICVR Interactive

ICVR is an LA-based development agency that creates exceptional interactive content, with a focus on AR, VR & emerging technology.

They offer solutions for video game design and development, Unreal and Unity interactive experiences.

Virtual production solutions include LED wall content, previs & techvis, and pipeline deployment and infrastructure setup.

They also offer engineering, art asset creation, and photorealistic digital human photogrammetry reconstruction.


CitrusBits is a mobile app development agency based in Los Angeles, CA. We have been creating mobile apps and mobile content for businesses since 2005.

Recent projects range from AR development, mobile healthcare apps, and restaurant mobile ordering. From strategy to UI/UX design, and from development to support, CitrusBits has worked with brands like Zoetis, Dupont, Burger King, and National Geographic.


Exyte is a software development entity based in Siberia, Russia that’s been operating since 2014. Their diverse technology stack and forward-thinking approach helps them serve high-tech industries in the design, engineering, and delivery of facilities.

The company has segments like Advanced Technology Facilities (ATF), Biopharma and Life Sciences (BLS), and Data Centers (DTC) serving clients in semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, batteries, and biotechnology.

Exyte generated sales of around 4.1 billion Euros in 2020 and has a mammoth team of approximately 4,900 employees. It operates in more than 20 countries.


Saritasa is a custom technology solutions company based in Newport Beach, California. They provide software systems and services to small and mid-size businesses around the world.

The company offers full-service web, software, mobile, IoT, and AR/VR solutions including DevOps, database management, and project takeovers.

Saritasa has been in business for 16+ years and has completed more than 1768 projects.

Feature projects include Burger Boss Online Ordering, Fandom Dates Dating Platform, Memberset Web & Mobile Apps, and Model Launcher Mobile Apps. Companies like Sony, Disney, Toyota, and Yamaha trust Saritasa with their projects.

WeAR Studio

WeAR Studio is a Ukrainian-based AR/VR development company that designs and develops immersive experiences that solve industry and business problems.

The company has been in business since 2015. From ideation to consulting, the team has provided AR solutions for custom mobile apps, social media AR, web AR, and projected AR.

Other services include mixed reality, custom VR simulations, and 360 activations. WeAR Studio’s recent projects are Allo virtual store app, FairTrade AR storytelling, Bud AR for Tomorrowland, and Okko AR karaoke app.


Subvrsive was founded in 2015. Based in Austin, Texas, Subvrsive is an immersive innovation studio that designs and produces AR/VR content, custom software development, and virtual events with 360 video.

The Emmy-nominated VR company’s recent work includes Netflix FYSEE 360 web experience, and augmented reality packaging for Amazon and Barefoot. Other recent clients are Google, AMD, Estee Lauder, and Ford.


Program-Ace is a Ukrainian software enterprise that provides IT services to small and mid-sized businesses. The company creates visualization software, simulation, and training products, and creates innovative product configurators.

Established in 1992, The team of 120+ professionals has successfully delivered more than 800 AR/VR development, mobile app development, and web development projects.

Program-Ace serves the agritech, energy & utilities, media & entertainment, education, manufacturing, and automotive sectors.


Talespin is a Los Angeles-based AR/VR development company that offers content creation tools and an XR platform. Founded in 2015, the company has completed 500+ content license deals and has more than 120 managed investments in content.

Talespin’s team is capable of designing, building, and launching mobile apps from concept to completion.

The company has an immersive learning content library, and skills insights platform and its tools help manage enterprise-grade content delivery and skill analytics. It’s AI-powered virtual human platform co-pilot’s soft skills training.

Chaos Theory

Chaos Theory is a game development studio based in Sydney, Australia. Founded in 2012, the company specializes in the development of AR/VR games for social impact, education, and research.

Chaos Theory develops custom software for businesses ranging from gaming studios to advertising agencies. Some featured projects are PentaQuest Kangazoo, EIApps Owls and Vowels, and Traffik M&Ms Take Home the Fun.


Apzumi is a software provider offering services in digital health, software creation, product strategy, and AR/VR services.

The company specializes in digital health, fitness, and wellness, and offers tools like Meedy for health and insurance, Medatex for injury claims processes, Headmatters to support mental health caregivers, and the iScribes tool for physicians.

Mondlicht Studios

Mondlicht Studios is a design and advertising production studio founded in Bad Liebenzell, Germany.

This company provides a variety of creative services like 2D and 3D illustrations, CGI, animation, VR, AR, advertising, and modeling projects for businesses.

Some of Mondlicht Studios’ projects include Valentino Uomo, Kolesa Darom / Spring Campaign 2021, and Khabib Nurmagomedov / official NFT collection.


Softengi is a software development company in Ukraine, established in 1995. They specialize in providing custom software solutions and have completed more than 1000 projects.


Sensorama Lab is an AR/VR development agency based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The company specializes in the development of AR and VR applications 360 video production, 3D modeling, and animation. It has delivered more than 100 projects in the real estate, energy, and industrial sectors.

Sensorama Academy creates VR and AR educational courses for leading worldwide professionals. Sensorama organizes more than 40 events like hackathons and meetups every year.


Intelivita is a mobile app development company led by experts who have developed some of the most popular VR, AR, and mobile apps, e-commerce, and games solutions.

The company offers professional software services for small businesses and startups to large local and international corporations. The company has developed a custom-made food delivery app, taxi booking, car wash, and fantasy sports solutions.


RTE works to create engaging and immersive experiences combining creative and strategic thinking with emerging technology.

The company has years of experience developing e-commerce sites, custom apps, and software in various niches. RTE offers its mixed reality solutions in USA, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

The company works in multiple verticals developing custom 3D applications for the web, mobile, desktop, AR, and VR. It provides solutions for education, business, sales, and training.


OTR is an AR/VR tech expert, consulting, and software development firm headquartered in London.

The company has a team of more than 2000 engineers who work on 500+ projects consisting of small businesses, midmarket, and enterprise-level clients across the globe. It robotizes processes with is RPA services and smart automation, and creates multiplatform tailor-made software.

Some of its training includes a VR helicopter training simulator, a multi-player game for location-based VR entertainment, and a VR representation of a repair vehicle.

Hyperlink InfoSystem

Founded in 2011, Hyperlink InfoSystem is an IT software solutions provider and mobile app development services company. It offers web and app development services, blockchain, salesforce, data science, VR/AR, and AI app services.

The company is based in New York, USA, and Ahmedabad, India with sales offices in Dubai, UAE, and California, USA. Case studies include Papa John’s pizza delivery app, and Tata Power Skill Development Institute app.


Argentics is a full-service, development, art, and design company that specializes in creating immersive engaging mobile, web, and desktop apps and games.

The company’s portfolio includes a VR combat simulator, 3D art, and gamified AR application for retail. Argentics offers free consultation, agile development and flexibility, and an individual approach to keep up with current trends.

Binary Mango

Binary Mango is an app development partner for firms trying to solve business issues with mobile applications. The company works with creators, developers, and designers to develop real-world solutions.

Binary Mango has a strong team with extensive experience building websites and mobile apps. Their clients include Forbes, The Seattle Times, Virgin, and The New York Times.


Founded in 2008, 8ninths is a Seattle-based AR/VR platform and services company that focuses on data visualization, annotation, holographic management systems, and collaboration.

The company provides responsive eCommerce design, mobile development, responsive web design, and responsive web design services. 8ninths designs and develops for platforms like HoloLens to mobile phones.


Tesuji leverages tech, VR, AR, mobile, and machine learning to develop immersive products that resonate with users on video chat and live streaming.

The company has built experiences on desktop, iOS, Android, Quest, Rift, web, and Magicleap. Case studies include Noovie Trivia for NCM, Stationhead, and Dancefight.


Exyte is a mobile, AI, VR, AR, and blockchain solutions company offering its services to startups, SMBs, and enterprises.

The company is based in Novosibirsk, Russia. Founded in 2014, Exyte offers full-cycle mobile app development – from ideation to deployment in VR kits like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

VR Vision

VR Vision Inc. is an AR/VR developer of enterprise training, 360 video training, and marketing applications.

The company is based in Toronto, Canada, and provides a variety of services such as VR development, custom software development, and AR application development. VR Vision worked with companies like Siemens, Toyota, and Access Machinery.


Setapp is a startup based in Poland, specializing in web development and mobile app development company projects. It serves a wide variety of clients including academic institutions, entertainment brands, and technology companies with subscriptions to powerful Mac apps.

Users have access to an increasing number of software designed by different developers.

Smart Tek SaS, LLC

AVRspot is an international AR/VR studio based in New York with a location in Lviv, Ukraine. Founded in 2015, the company offers AR/VR solutions to the retail, real estate, hospitality, and healthcare sectors.

One of their innovations includes using any iOS/Android camera to kick a virtual soccer ball inside their screens.

Fair Worlds

Fair Worlds uses the latest immersive technologies to create unique and imaginative experiences for enterprises.

Based in Austin, Texas, and Seattle, Washington State, the company uses VR & AR to engage with brands to entertain and solve their problems. Fair Worlds has worked with companies like Amazon, Dell, and AMD.

Some of its projects include the NPT Backyard, The Methane CH4llenge, and Dell EMC’s flexible modular data centers.

Gramercy Tech

Founded in 2003, Gramercy Tech is a digital development and software laboratory that provides design and event production solutions for the entertainment industry.

Combining their event production experience with innovative technology, Gramercy Tech produces amazing large-scale interactive experiences with emerging technology.

The company uses motion control, VR, and reactive signage to create imaginative events trusted by companies like American Museum & Natural History, NYC, and Comedy Central.


Crysberry provides research and development services for VR, AR, mobile apps, and video games. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, the company has clients from the entertainment, education, and enterprise sectors.

The company provides staff augmentation and supports clients in the early stages of development with research and development.

Delta Reality

Delta Reality is an award-winning VR and AR development studio offering solutions to the tourism & culture, marketing, and industrial sectors.

With a team of 27 people, the company undertakes more than 40 projects every year and has 17+ years of experience in 17 countries. Delta Reality has completed projects like Olive VR, Kuca Vjestice Mare, Vaillant, Dorn Bracht, Tondach, and Mobile Tower.

Some clients include Disney, Microsoft, Samsung, T-Mobile, Coca-Cola, A1 Telekom, Pepsi, and Vaillant.

Kod Biro

Kod Biro is an augmented reality development company that develops mobile and web AR applications. Based in Zagreb, Croatia, the company uses Snapchat-like face-tracking technology is an exciting new frontier in marketing.

The company helps brands through the process of incorporating AR into their offline and online advertising campaigns. Projects include Vegeta Genie, L’occitane AR Lipsticks, and NIS.

The company has worked with Infodom, The Kase, and Visage Technologies.

The Intellify

The Intellify is a cross-platform application company that offers business-specific and feature-rich apps.

With offices in India, the USA, the UK, and the UAE, the company offers AR, VR, AR filters, WebAR, 3D modeling, and animation services. The Intellify has completed more than 120 projects in 5+ years for 50+ clients.

BVG Software Group

BVG Software Group has a team of talented software engineers and project managers offering software development solutions with an on-budget and on-time guarantee. It helps small and large businesses achieve their goals.

The company offers AR/VR, web, native mobile, and cross-platform applications with reliable offshore full-cycle development. It has worked with Australian and UK education companies, and US healthcare startups and entertainment companies.


Based in Kyiv, Ukraine, LookInAR specializes in creating desktop and mobile apps with AR like Instagram and Facebook face masks design, face recognition, 3D/2D object recognition, complex back-end solutions, and GEO identification.

The company also offers services in mobile games, 3D design and animation of characters, robotics, and R&D in AR/VR/MR.

Plutomen Technologies Private Limited

Plutomen Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a leading provider of augmented and virtual reality solutions to enterprises.

The company looks to improve AR, cloud computing, analytics, and animation services with 2D/3D infographics and animated videos. and more. Plutomen increases productivity, customer satisfaction, and cost optimization for businesses.

Starloop Studios

Starloop Studio is a Spanish augmented reality development company, established in Barcelona.

As a company that works exclusively for hire, the Starloop team can help augmented reality companies develop and build video and mobile games from the ground up.

The company designs & develops games to support existing games and helps you more your existing games to other platforms.

The company has expertise in XR, IoT, and AI. Their team of over 200 use machine learning, NLP, chatbot, and OCR to build innovative software solutions.


LikeVR is an interactive design agency that collaborates with creative partners and clients all over the world to create new and innovative experiences for brands.

The company works with a variety of augmented reality technology companies, such as augmented reality and virtual reality, to make a brand engaging in ways never before possible.

Devstree IT Services Pvt. Ltd.

Devstree IT Services Pvt. Ltd. is a software development company based in India, which offers mobile app development, game development, web design and development, AR/VR web development, and Unity 3D game development services.

We are a well-known business that offers customized software and game development services.

Lune.xyz – AR&VR

Lune.xyz is a creative studio based in Wroclaw, Poland. We create games and apps using AR and VR technologies.

We also develop mobile apps. We have a team of skilled artists and programmers who’ve successfully completed many projects.

Our skills cover the whole range from creative design to programming and marketing – we can do it all for you.


Narsun is a well-known IT company with talented professionals working on a variety of projects. We are available to work with clients of all kinds and would be happy to offer our services at an affordable price.

We take pride in our ability to handle any challenges with aplomb. If you have an idea, talk to us; we will be happy to work with you on your project.


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