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Metaverse Solutions For Businesses

Some time ago Mr. Zuckerberg announced the company’s shift from Facebook to Metaverse, which is a shared online 3D virtual space that uses virtual reality and augmented reality to create enterprise-level solutions.

Overall, the online focus seems to be going towards the Metaverse. This means that even if you don’t believe in it, millions do, and there is innovation and money to be made. It is predicted that every company will need to come up with its own unique Metaverse strategy.

Allow your customers ​a whole new interactive experience with path-breaking magical talking holiday cards!

What Exactly Is Metaverse


Use Disruptive Video Marketing To Gain More Customers

Simply put, the metaverse is like an alternate reality to the internet. It blends aspects of social media (like Instagram for example) with cryptocurrencies (more like blockchain) to make lived experiences in virtual spaces possible.

Unlike traditional online networking, anyone can access the Metaverse through holograms or digital avatars, instead of typical “computer screen” interfaces. Some companies are working on bringing this idea to reality (example). While it’s still in its infancy, even now people are starting to experience virtual lives within the Metaverse!

Zuckerberg Metaverse For Everyone

Facebook went into developing Metaverse with a budget that is likely to exceed a billion dollars over the next five years. And it’s not just Facebook that has taken this initiative. Even Nike and Nascar have filed for a few crucial landmarks that are bound to regulate the way entertainment services, “downloadable virtual goods,” and retail store services for virtual goods work in the future.

These leading brands have taken great pains to include category trademarks for apparel, footwear, toys, arts, sports equipment, and so on. This leaves little doubt that being part of the Metaverse will be a brand’s major calling card, just like how websites and social media profiles work today.

How The Metaverse Works

Visualize The Product

Visualize The Product

The Metaverse is a world that is a combination of the internet and the real world. It is a world that will be created by new technology. This technology will allow people to see and interact with things in the real world and the internet at the same time. A Metaverse is a place where digital and physical things can connect.

It is also a place where you can use a new kind of computer called a blockchain on the internet and use things like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to go places and do things. For example, you can create a Metaverse 3D-Spin video from any product, object, or person in the form of an icon or photograph uploaded from your mobile phone to software that works in the cloud.

You don’t need to master complicated editing skills or use sophisticated video equipment that cost a bomb. All you do is upload pictures from your phone and get a ready 3D video done for you with just a few clicks.

How Businesses Can Increase Sales

By revamping their video marketing campaigns, businesses are now able to create videos that merge the digital and physical worlds with 360° 3D-spun videos that they can generate in minutes.

There is zero work involved in generating future-ready content that starts apart from even the best media content created by professional graphic artists. A business has the potential to become a market leader in a chosen niche just by tapping on this secret sauce that makes up the perfect recipe for Meta-ready VR and AR content.

Three Ways To Use AR In Business

In the era of the smartphone, we want to get involved and be a part of it. Virtual reality is taking this to a whole new level by putting people directly in the experience.

People are being immersed in the story and able to connect at a whole new level. This technology is being used in a number of different sectors and innovative brands are taking full advantage of it by immersing people in their stories and connecting with their customers in a whole new way. Techniques are evolving quickly and consumers are now getting comfortable with this technology as they experience its benefits.

According to Prismetric Technologies, 55% of customers believe that if an app or retail store has augmented or virtual reality features, it will influence their buying decision in a positive manner. Here are three awesome ways brands are pioneering augmented reality for business.

Users Can Visualize Products Before Unboxing

Some of the top applications of augmented reality have been focused on helping users visualize what something may look like in their lives using product representations.

For example, many people who shop online will usually visualize a product they plan to purchase and don’t always know how it will look once it arrives. But now there are programs that allow them to actually see what a product would look like before they actually buy it!

Augmented Reality has been used quite a bit as a way to help buyers envision products as part of their bigger picture.

One prominent example is IKEA who has been applauded for its app which allows shoppers to choose furniture from their catalog and place those items into their room or apartment.

This helps the consumers fully imagine how it would look – luckily for us this technology has helped eliminate a lot of buyer’s remorse! Converse is now providing augmented reality shopping options to consumers as well as those who wish to purchase their products online.

Consumers point their phones at the ground and cycle through a variety of different colors and styles that interest them, seeing how they match up with what they’re already wearing or how it would look on someone else.

The technology has been designed to help reduce the uncertainty of online shopping, meaning more online sales can be made from home!

Prismetric Technologies says 68% of shoppers who have abandoned their cart have said it’s because they didn’t see anything they liked or could relate to – so really exciting stuff here for Converse, helping them expand their market reach to consumers who may not have tried out their products before otherwise.

Enriched Interactive Instore Shopping Experience

Enriched Shopping Experience

Enriched Shopping Experience

As brand managers, you know that the in-store experience is just as important as the online one.

With augmented reality in-store experiences, enterprise customers are able to engage clients through immersive 3D scenarios showing what your products look like when they’re used.

For example, an augmented reality app can be used in stores to show how products will fit together or even demonstrate how they work!

This is effective because it not only helps shoppers make purchases based on convenience but they feel more confident doing so after interacting with your content. There is a whole range of methods being employed to enhance the experience of brick-and-mortar stores. They tend to revolve around scanning products with your phone to learn more about them, no sales rep is needed.

You can pull up customer reviews, videos, feature details, and offers and even buy products right there on your phone.

This brings an incredible new level of interactivity to stores and builds upon ways we’re able to shop remotely online and in app form.

Print Materials Can Now Talk

3D Printing is giving new life to the printing industry. Companies are now offering 3D files of anything from business cards to invitations and brochures where videos can be easily accessed through its printing service.

These aren’t ordinary pieces of print media that go straight into the recycling bin – viewers are left astonished and driven to dig deeper into what you have to say as a result.

This makes each piece far more compelling and emotionally involving than ever before, making your message impossible to ignore and driving action on your behalf! You can also tweak or edit these 3D files when the need arises. Magicians and illusionists like David Copperfield and Criss Angel use augmented reality (AR) with a 2D backdrop in their performances to make the audience believe they are literally summoning meteors.

When he’s not performing live shows, Copperfield spends time doing other creative endeavors such as creating his own artistic films which aired on Masterpiece Theater and came out on DVD titled Copperfield: 15 Years of Magic.

Similarly, AMC Theatres has movie posters that show trailers and prompt the viewer to buy a ticket just like the ones that Disney uses for their Star Wars Weekends.

These relatively affordable devices can be rented and used at specially designated areas where people check them out. The Metaverse is a technology that will allow them to do more than merely browsing information; instead, they will be able to seamlessly merge with it. People will be able to explore millions of worlds and genuinely interact on an unprecedented level. Whether you’re excited, skeptical, or feel indifferent about this new frontier for internet technology, let us know! We’d love to help everyone learn more about the Metaverse!

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