Varjo VR-3 Review: Trendsetting VR Headset Just Got Cheaper

Varjo VR-3

​Varjo is a Finnish company that has been working on a new headset that is specifically designed for creating and viewing “high-end virtual reality.” The Varjo VR-3 is a headset that will set you back $4,995 and up. But for this price, you get a lot of technology to give you a truly immersive virtual reality experience. The Varjo VR-3 includes a resolution of 8K and a field-of-view (FoV) of 140 degrees.

Varjo has been a trendsetter in extended reality, making it an easy choice for teams to be able to train employees and collaborate more easily through the use of virtual reality (VR) training programs.

Their headsets push the boundaries of what’s possible with a VR headset in today’s competitive marketplace.

The latest in the line of innovative VR headsets is the XR-3 and VR-3 with a focus on taking immersive computing capabilities to a new level.

With its crystal-clear imagery and additional features, the VR-3 offers seamless interaction with VR worlds like you’ve never experienced before.

If you’re looking for the next best thing to truly transport you into any environment, whether it be gaming, movies, or even VR meetings thanks to its breakthroughs in 360/180 visual immersion technology then look no further than Oriqin’s latest sensation.

Businesses will love this revolutionary new tool. Here’s why.

​Cheaper Than Before – Think Enterprise Wise

Granted, the company’s headsets cost between $3,200 and $10,000. The original Varjo headset, for instance, costs about $10,000 each year.

But at this point, VR-3 is only being sold to enterprise customers who have a lot of money to spend on these kinds of products.

Varjo wants to start small before branching out.

​If you’re curious about the differences or want to buy one for personal use or professional development purposes, their VR-3 model is still being sold – albeit at more affordable prices of between $3,200-$8,600 depending on which version you go with.

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​What Makes Varjo XR-3 Different?

Known for professional-grade products intended to meet the needs of working professionals in demanding environments, Varjo has recently released another one that comes with integrated Ultraleap v5 hand-tracking technology.

With its innovative design, this headgear is intended to deliver an unparalleled level of performance compared to other traditional headsets!

​Incredible Bionic Display

All of Varjo’s headsets focus on the ‘bionic display’ system which uses a large display for a wide field-of-view, with an overlapping system to produce true retina resolution (60+ PPD) at the center of the view.

Consequently, you get two displays for each eyeball.

It’s built-in eye-tracking at 200Hz and powering foveated rendering shows exactly what you’re looking at with incredible detail that you simply don’t find with its competitors because no other company spends as much money or resources on R&D as is being spent here!

Excellent Features include:​

  • ​High degree of true-to-life mixed reality powered by 12-megapixel video pass-through
  • ​Industry-leading resolution. You’ll be able to see more detail than with any other headset on the market (115 ° field of view)
  • ​Widest-ever color gamut delivers more realistic scenes with the most lifelike colors available
  • ​Power of depth awareness brought to you by LiDaR for pixel-perfect real-time occlusion and 3D reconstruction
  • ​Integrated 200 Hz eye tracking for each eye and integrated Ultraleap hand tracking to produce natural interactions
  • ​Flexible deployments that allow users to track outside a frame or traditional locations. You don’t need a base station

Experience Visuals That Blend With The Virtual World

This brand-new product from Varjo allows you to experience mixed reality at a human-eye resolution of over 70 PPD, the widest field of view (115 degrees), and more precise calibration for unparalleled realism.

No other mixed reality headset creates a better-blended image of the VR world with the real one – making it your best choice for experiencing a completely new level of immersion available right now on the market.

Compatible with the 3D applications you already use.

Varjo has partnered with Unity, Unreal Engine, OpenXR 1.0, PREPAR3D, Autodesk VRED, and VBS Blue IG among other organizations interested in XR/VR software development to be sure that their multitude of platforms and programs are compatible with the team’s headsets.

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Make VR Look More Real

Varjo’s video pass-through technology takes augmented reality to the next level by offering the best picture quality on the market today.

This technology allows you to see your surrounding environment clearly while overlaying VR objects without any significant delay.

It is enabled by the fact that you are wearing an HMD (head-mounted display).

With ultra-low latency (<20ms) and a high fidelity 12-megapixel stream, you can explore true-to-life VR visualizations as natural extensions of your surrounding environment with stunning depth and richness of detail.

Furthermore, since most people do not perceive a mechanism inside a head mount display when they put it on, a user can easily switch from XR, AR or VR.

​Build Realistic And Immersive Scenarios

The combination of the LiDAR sensor along with the stereo feed allows for Varjo XR-3 to be able to see and feel realistic limb movements blended into the VR environment.

Objects are also visible, which enables users to virtually hold them or interact with them in real-time.

The device is able to create 3D reconstructions of rooms in which users can move around freely when projections are on.

​Interact With Normal Gestures

Use your fingers naturally and intuitively with Ultraleap, the world’s most advanced palm, and finger tracking.

It captures all the complexities of your natural limb movements to precisely replicate real-life interactions with either VR or real contents while also creating an immersive experience for users while employing foveated rendering powered by Varjo’s built-in eye tracking at 200Hz.

​Top Security Protocols – Online & Offline Solutions

Even the most secure environments can utilize Varjo XR-3 with no worries as it supports Wartime Information Security and requires no personal data downloads, transmitting of any data away from the device, or forced hardware attachments.

You can even get an offline Varjo subscription version for your business.

​Comfortable To Use

The Varjo XR-3 headset provides a 3-point precision fit headband as well as an adjustable integrated IPD and active cooling for total comfort without any eye strain or simulator sickness.

Active cooling ensures unhindered comfort during even longer sessions. For those days when you need to wear glasses, we’ve made the Varjo XR-3 compatible with your specs and glasses so you won’t have to give up this device.

Our Verdict

​The Varjo VR-3 is a great way to upgrade your enterprise standard VR headsets and give your users a more immersive and realistic viewing experience. We hope that you enjoyed our blog and that you learned something new and useful about the Varjo VR-3.


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