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virtual reality experiences

Experience Virtual Reality Like Never Before With The Latest VR Gadgets

Virtual Reality (VR) Experiences To Enjoy In 2021

  • Free VR experiences from Oculus
  • VR from Oculus Rift & Oculus Quest
  • The world of Oculus travel
  • Daydream Virtual Virtual Reality
  • Dreamscape virtual reality adventures
  • Other popular VR experiences
  • Google Cardboard, your affordable VR

Free With VR Gadgets like Quest 2, Rift, Quest, and Google Earth VR

Google Earth VR

Soar Through The Sky With VR gadgets

Use Google Earth VR to soar into space,

fly over a city,

tread new streets,

and mount the highest peaks.

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Bigscreen Beta

Relax in a virtual theater and watch 3D movies with your friends. Communicate via VR chat rooms. Enjoy your PC video games more on a huge screen.

Home – A VR Spacewalk

Go for a VR spacewalk. You’ll be part of three adventure levels on your Oculus Quest and feel the vastness of space.


The VRChat community gains the power of creation with a never-ending collection of VR encounters.

Pollinator Park

Pollinator Park is a crossover between an interactive museum, theme park, crystal ball, and zoo. It’s emotionally engaging, educational, and fun.



You Can Access All Kinds Of Design Tools And Work With Apps On Windows 10

Access design tools, professional working tools, your favorite browser, and music streaming apps in VR. vSpatial is compatible with all Windows 10 apps.

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Virtual Space

Virtual Space is a desktop application that allows you a natural user experience with VR Goggles.

Echo VR

You’re in time for Season 2 of Echo Pass, which starts on June 8th. You can experience high energy competition and the freedom of zero-g movement in Echo VR.


VeeR VR is a high-class VR entertainment platform that has a library of 10000+ of 4K 360/180 3D videos, interactive experiences and photos.


You can’t rate Farlands as the best virtual experience (VR) experience on the Oculus Rift by any margin, but it does have stunning visual effects.

Gravity Sketch

Gravity Sketch

3-D Design And Pro Level Modelling Software. Set Design & Storyboarding in VR

Cross-disciplinary teams use modelling software and intuitive 3D design in a new way to create, review, and collaborate.

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Declared the 2020 Winner of Best VR Meditation App by VR Fitness Insider and Men’s Health, TRIPP improves well-being through personalized experiences, trackable mindfulness journeys, and daily meditations.

Pro Fishing Challenge VR

This is the first fishing game that’s powered by Touch controllers. You’ll feel like you’re actually fishing with Pro Fishing Challenge, because you can cast the fishing rod, reel the fish in and catch them.

Medium by Adobe

Medium by Adobe is the premiere VR creative tool. You can use this tool to model and sculpt in an immersive environment.

Xbox One Streaming

XBox streaming

Microsoft’s Next Generation XBox Keeps Upgrading All The Time

Play Xbox One games directly on any Oculus Rift when you activate the Xbox One Streaming app.

Watch 90s games by using the app to connect to your console.


Henry is a story of a hedgehog with an unusual problem of hugging on impulse. The talent teams behind Toy Story and Brave have created this story, which has Elijah Wood narrating in the background.


Within is a love letter to Cinematic VR, the emerging art form. It’s also an immersive retro game (though we love those too!)


AltspaceVR is a special place to attend cool classes, meetups, live shows, and much more with people you befriend from different parts of the world.

DeoVR Video Player

DeoVR is a classy VR video player that fits all available headsets and creates special moments in videos. It delivers VR content from popular video sites like YouTube with the help of its built-in VR media browser.

Food Fight

Food Fight helps you identify foods that present negative cues and helps you to overcome them in an immersive VR environment.

Wrench: Engine Building Demo

The Wrench Engine Building Demo comes free of cost to Oculus users. You can assemble the inline for a cylinder engine with this demo.

Coco VR

Explore the world of Disney with your friends when you watch Pixar’s latest film Coco in VR.

Rec Room

The Rec Room is a place where your friends and you can play and build games together. This app has millions of player-created rooms for the world and you to explore or build something.

Epic Roller Coasters

There’s a new realistic pack with five new theme park rides. Experience more virtual roller coasters at no extra costs.

Oculus Dreamdeck

Oculus Dreamdeck is a wonderful VR showcase that takes you to magical worlds and places you thought never existed.

Rift Boneworks

Rift Boneworks

Use Boneworks To Experiment With Virtual Reality

Boneworks is a VR adventure driven by physics that exposes you to the workings of a virtual operating system.

Saints & Sinners

Saints & Sinners is unlike any other all-new VR game you’ve played in The Walking Dead universe. You make the decision and every challenge you face.

Battle Sister

You’ll have the opportunity to fight and to experience the ultimate futuristic combat in VR. This shooter arms you with many kinds of mighty weapons.


You’ll get to experience the wonder of a sudden encounter in this magical forest created by the director of Pixar’s The Blue Umbrella.

Blade & Sorcery

Blade & Sorcery is a VR medieval fantasy sandbox enabled by physics-driven magic combat and melee.

Lone Echo

See how a space station and mining facility looks like within the rings of Saturn when you activate the Lone Echo’s single player story.


Make animals transformed into warrior companions fight your battle, and solve larger-than-life puzzles.

Face Your Fears

Face Your Fears helps you expose and experience terrifying scenes revolving around phobias and common fears.

Enjoy With Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest 2, HTC VIVE Pro

Oculus Effects

Some Effects Created With Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest 2, and HTC VIVE Pro

Netflix VR

This VR experience that was released as the movie promotion earlier this year is a great look at how The Major feels.

Ghost in the Shell has always been one of the fully developed and stunning sci-fi worlds in the VR industry. Now you get a closer look at this artificial world.

Download the free Netflix VR app that creates the VR living room of a mansion where you can watch Netflix movies – a definite upgrade to your present viewing situation.

Enter “Void Theater” mode in some headsets, as it allows you to adjust the screen to a size that’s larger than your field of vision. This is a bigger version of IMAX.

You can now explore any thrilling sequence from a film in 360 degrees.

Ghost in the Shell VR Experience

Star Trek Bridge Crew

Trekkies everywhere believe this co-operative VR experience is the greatest thing that happened to them.

Up to four players can step inside a Federation vessel’s bridge of to operate the ship.

Players become the captain, steering navigator, engineer, or weapons specialist.

Experience a solid fan service with this action game, even though you’re always in a seated position when the action takes place.

This VR experience is something every Trekkie must try.

Resident Evil 7 VR

Use the PlayStation VR headset option to view the even scarier version of Resident Evil in VR.

Echo Arena

Ultimate Frisbee is an amazing and cool VR component.

Horizons VR

One of the more bizarre and intriguing applications of VR out there,

Horizons VR enables players using the Google Daydream controller to wade through a colorful fantasy world.

Travel The World

Experience world travel with VR in…

Zion Narrows Experience

Zion Narrows Experience

The VR Allows You To Navigate through Zion National Park in Utah

A navigable VR experience of one of the most remarkable areas in Zion National Park, Utah.

Gala360, Guided Meditation VR

This is simple and visual meditation. Get away from the ordinary when you escape to 100+ lush locations. You’ll get over 20 hours of free content on meditation.

Rio 360

The best moments of Rio de Janeiro presented through stunning 360 visuals.

Atlas Obscura VR

Atlas Obscura VR is a brilliantly captured, hi-fidelity, self-paced virtual travel experience unlike anything you have seen before.

Smithsonian Journeys: Venice

Smithsonian Journeys: Venice takes you on a tour of this magical city with a brilliant professor of Italian history as your personal guide.

VR Cruise

VR Cruise

Take Oculus On A Cruise To Watch High-Quality Panoramic Views

VR Cruise will introduce high-quality VR content in Japan focusing on videos and photos such as live acts by major Japanese music artists and panoramic news.

VR Vienna

Go on an immersive journey of discovery through Vienna and experience Viennese moments in 360°.

MasterWorks: Journey Through History

MasterWorks: Journey Through History is a virtual reality experience that lets you travel across three continents to visit some of the world’s most amazing places that span over 3000 years of human history.

Athens in VR

An interactive, engaging, guided VR tour with audio, maps and music. Ideal for self-guided tours.

American Experience by Boulevard

BLVRD brings art, architecture, and culture to people around the world.

Partnering with leading museums and cultural sites, Boulevard gives immersive access.



Wander Through The Old Town of Tallinn, Estonia In VR

TallinnVR lets you visit the unique old town of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.

Claustral Canyon

The Claustral Canyon experience has improved in leaps and bounds. The Oculus Rift now makes you feel you’re in this Blue Mountains National Park canyon.


Pompeii is an amazing experience that allows you to enter a well-preserved Roman bath-house, walk down a main street, and visit a Roman house.


Wander the world openly from the comfort of your living room. You can teleport almost anywhere in the world through the magic of VR.

GizmoVR Video Player

Get your hands on GizmoVR – the best of VR apps with an entirely integrated browser and a pro level virtual reality video player.

Antarctic Ocean

Antarctic Ocean is a delightful virtual reality experience app.

You’ll explore an underwater world full of life and clear images of diatoms, krill, squids, and orcas.

360 Stories

360Stories uses engaging 360º content to transport you to the most amazing destinations on Earth.

Daydream Experiences

Daydream Experiences

Get The Best Of Virtual Virtual Reality With The Google Daydream VR Headset

Virtual Virtual Reality allows you to explore its Virtual Labor System, as you delve deeper into nested virtual realities.

Other Popular VR Experiences

Cook-Out: Best co-op cooking game

In Death: Unchained: Best archery survival game

Moss: Best adorable adventure

A Fisherman’s Tale: Best trippy puzzle game

Pixel Ripped 1995: Best virtual retro game world within a world

Space Pirate Trainer: Best arcade game

Red Matter: VR puzzle adventure

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes: Best VR party game

Dreamscape – Your Amazing Virtual Reality Experience


Use Strategy And Imaginative Reading Passages To Come Up With Your Own Dreamscape Reality

You’ll experience a lineup of fully immersive and exciting virtual reality adventures.

Your avatar ignites the side of you that’s ready for excitement. You’re ready to be the hero of your story in one instant.

You experience a variety of free-roaming and free-flying adventures across breathtaking canyons.

Maine Virtual Reality Experience

The Maine State Archives celebrated the State of Maine’s bicentennial with two special VR projects to help the public engage with Maine history and transport themselves into some of Maine’s most notable places.

Google Cardboard – Simple VR

Google Cardboard

A VR Headset With A Simple Viewer That You Can Make Yourself

Google Cardboard allows you to experience VR in a fun-filled, simple, and cheap way.

All you need is a viewer that you can fold to get an inside view of the world of Cardboard.

You can experience it with a viewer that anyone can buy or build.

Explore a variety of apps with this viewer.

You’re sure to find one that suits you, as there are plenty of viewer types available in the market.

Explore New Experiences With PlayStation VR

Atomic Ghost Fleet

Descend into the unseen tropical waters that exist around the Bikini Atoll.

Here you’ll come face to face with extraordinary shipwrecks undisturbed in this marine world.


Enjoy world-class music, entertainment events, sports, and a selection of new and programming.

Everest VR

Scale the world’s highest mountain to reach its summit. From here you’ll experience a spectacular VR view.


Transport your body and mind into this magical realm with the help of the mystic arts of astrology and tarot.

This VR comes to life in a beautiful handmade Gothic style that is visually beautiful.


Escape reality as you retreat into three soothing VR environments – a mountain wilderness, a tropical beach, and the northern lights.

Harmonix Music VR

Enjoy your favorite songs visually in fantastic new ways as Harmonix Music VR sets up a completely new visual projection that complements the rhythm.


Discover great VR storytelling brought to you by a range of creators. This is done by just one app.

You’ll enjoy VR experiences like incisive documentaries, tales of imagination, and more.

Philharmonia: The Virtual Orchestra

Philharmonia The Virtual Orchestra

Unleash The Full Power Of The World’s Leading Orchestra With VR

Go behind the scenes with the Philharmonia Orchestra of London, one of the world’s greatest orchestras to get an ​immersive experience of the power and excitement of music.

Stranger Things: The VR Experience

Step into this hit Netflix series to realize the excitement of Stranger Things.

The Last Guardian VR Demo

Step inside The Last Guardian, a mystical and strange fantasy land.

Here you can help this friendly colossal feathered animal.


You’ll be part of an Ethan Hawke starrer and alien invasion movie screened at the Toronto, Cannes, and Tribeca film festivals.

Virtual Reality Simulators

Use the PS VR to discover the wonders of planet Earth, from the deepest oceans to highest peaks.

You’ll see and meet some amazing creatures that inhabit our world.

Apollo 11 VR

Experience a mind-boggling space exploration journey through the eyes of Apollo 11’s crew in this unique interactive documentary.


Stream an endless supply of motivating, enjoyable, and visually spectacular cinema brought to you by some creative VR cinema producers.

Joshua Bell VR Experience

You can enjoy a recital performed just for you by award-winning violinist Joshua Bell.

Move around the 3D venue without inhibitions, and soak in the majesty of Air Studios’ stunning Lyndhurst Hall.

Cocos Shark Island

Travel 240 miles off Costa Rica’s coast where you dive into the heart of the Pacific Ocean in this VR travel experience. It’s a mecca of hungry sharks and exotic fish.

David Attenborough’s First Life VR

Go on a discovery journey back in time. You’ll be transported to the Cambrian Oceans as they existed 540 million years ago. Listen to David Attenborough reveal the dawn of life.

The Martian Virtual Reality Experience

Try to survive the red planet’s harsh environments, as you explore the surface of Mars.

Virry VR Safari: Feel the Wild

Go on a virtual safari from the comfort of your home.

Be in close quarters and get familiar with Northern Kenya’s exotic and rare wild animals in this BAFTA nominated Virry VR experience.

David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef Dive VR

Explore the world’s largest coral reef with David Attenborough by your side.

You’ll learn how environmental changes affect the colorful inhabitants that inhabit the reef.

PS VR Music Experiences

You’ll feel much more than just the music when you indulge in these music video immersive VR experiences.

Tom Grennan VR

Treat yourself to two performances by Tom Grennan, the acclaimed UK singer songwriter, in this intimate gig that no other show can match.


In this VR movie of sacrifice and love, you’ll journey to a city in the clouds.

This movie features hand-crafted visuals and a stirring soundtrack.

Virry VR Animals: Wild Encounters

Relax after your hectic safari and come face to face with the exotic inhabitants of Kenya’s LEWA Wildlife Conservancy.

You’ll be part of a series of incredible 4K video VR experiences as you interact with them.

Don’t be surprised if you come across excellent games like an augmented reality game or Batuu-themed game while you’re looking for new and casual games online.


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