Will Xbox Have VR In Future??

Xbox Plus VR Headset

Microsoft declared in the middle of 2021 that the company had no plans to provide native support for users of Xbox One and its newer Series X/S consoles any time soon. So, is it possible to have VR capabilities with its next-generation console?

As it’s happened with so many other technological advances, there are other ways to work around this lack of support.

Players use equipment like VR headsets and accessories to make their Xbox compatible with VR.

What are Microsoft’s long-term plans for Xbox VR?

Microsoft did use high-fidelity VR as a key selling strategy for its series X/S consoles before they were released to the public.

Sadly, boss Phil Spencer in his February 2020 update message reiterated that earlier reports were inaccurate and that the company would focus on providing VR support for Xbox only if VR availability and popularity were sustained in future appliances.

The possibility of a VR series from Microsoft cannot be ruled out. However, Xbox may depend on others to provide VR support until it’s ready to invest in a series that fully supports VR.

Is there a VR headset for the Xbox One and Series X/S?

You can simply work around Microsoft’s limitations and make your VR device work with your unit.

It all depends on the type of VR appliance you use. For example, you can download the Xbox streaming app and bring your Win10 PC GPU/CPU into the picture by connecting it to your streaming console. The other connection goes to your VR gadget.

You’ll notice positive changes in the gameplay atmosphere, but it’s unlikely you’ll have the same immersive experience provided by applications that fully support VR devices.

Think of you playing an Italian virtual grand prix vs operating a flight simulator in VR – that’s the difference.

This is, however, an interesting change for enthusiasts in the Half-Life: Alyx space who are prepared to try out Microsoft offers on their VR devices.

New Quest 2 For Ultimate VR Experience

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How to play Xbox games on Oculus Quest 2?

There are two ways you can do this.

1. Make your VR device compatible with your Xbox One or Series X/S controller to play at least some of its fun offers with VR.

  • Access the settings menu in your VR headset
  • Choose experimental features
  • Select and enable Bluetooth wireless pairing
  • Select the option to pair a new device
  • On your controller, press the sync button
  • You have now paired your VR appliance with the controller and can use it for Xbox

2. Use A VR Accessory with your VR device. This is a direct and easy method to enable Xbox streaming on your Quest 2.

  • The first step is to install an Xbox console companion on your Win 10 PC
  • Enable One/Series X/S streaming
  • Then launch your companion
  • Make sure you’re able to see streaming on your PC
  • A virtual desktop is an accessory that you install and launch on your VR device
  • You’ll notice that your desktop screen enables a mirror image in your wearable VR screen
  • Begin to stream content from your companion

How do you use the Xbox controller with Valve Index?

Press the Y and Win key on your Xbox controller simultaneously to switch over input capability to Windows Mixed Reality.

You can now work your controller with Valve Index.

Are there other VR devices that work with Xbox?

Hixanny All-In-One VR Headset

The Hixanny All-In-One VR headset is one of the best game-playing options on the Xbox One and X/S platforms.

This high-quality VR headset is priced at $300, but it also comes with a 16 GB flash ram and additional battery power.

Enjoy high-resolution VR experiences on this well-designed VR apparatus.

Extremely simple to set up, you can wear this versatile VR gadget on your head for longer periods.

The other advantage is that you can connect the set to your computer and try out your Xbox One or Sony PlayStation system on your PC.

GenBasic Quad HD

The GenBasic Quad HD can give other VR headsets a run for their money.

The GenBasic is a standalone VR device with advanced features that makes it possible for you to use it with your Series X/S or Xbox One without error.

This device has a Quad Core ARM processor that is capable of delivering excellent 110-degree and 3D experiences.

It comes with sufficient 2GB DDR3 RAM and costs less than $200 making it much more affordable than the Rift S.

The platform comes with a Bluetooth wireless controller that allows you to play games on your PC.

Setting up this VR device is a breeze, and you can enjoy continuous gaming backed by its powerful rechargeable battery.

Do expect some game lag due to its HDMI input.

Where does all this leave Xbox fans?

We can hope that Steam, Facebook, Scarlett, Nintendo, Valve, IGN, and other industry bigwigs will make an investment in the VR market a no-brainer.

News of an upcoming technology that makes it easier for VR companies to release VR content compatible with previous PSVR and Microsoft offerings would be most welcome.

Bug or no bug, begin using the localization feature that is standard with modern VR machines.

Who knows, you may end up striking major deals on the GamesBeat Summit before 2022.


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